The Nile Project (NP) is a growing collective bringing together musicians from the 11 countries along the Nile. By making music that combines the region’s diverse and extensive cultures, instruments, languages, and traditions, they raise awareness about water and sustainability problems in the region, and inspire conflict-resolution through collaboration.

During Trump’s first 100 days of presidency, 12 members of the NP and 4 staff members, including myself, embarked on a tour across the US, playing over 40 shows across 19 states. Trump imposed a travel ban just a few days after the musicians’ arrival, affecting some of the musicians’ future access to the US.

In the face of all the madness, the NP traversed the US, spreading messages of peace and unity illustrating an alternative to the bleak future that Trump has mapped out. Through their music, dance and words, the collective brought people together in a time of conflict to collaborate and produce something beautiful – ultimately, making America great again.